Fractions and Percents


Teaching of fractions is the first topic where schools often fail the student in math education. Children who for some reason don’t “get” fractions, are forever left behind. School systems do not pay adequate attention to making sure that each and every student is completely proficient in fractions. Hence, your student may have moved on without a decent understanding of fractions as a topic. This is not good at all, as this little misstep dooms the child to forever fall behind in math.


If your student is about to enter sixth grade or is in higher grades but seems to have trouble with math, you must make sure that she/he has mastered fractions.   If your student is about to take the PSAT or the SAT exam and is unsure about his or her math skills, this book will help her to feel confident and be able to do tricky-looking word problems quickly in her head.


A majority of the SAT problems involve fraction manipulations. Your child has probably been taught other slower methods of doing fractions in school. We will teach him faster methods of doing these types of problems. Time is of the essence for math part of the SAT, and doing problems the long drawn out, algorithmic way, as taught in schools, just takes too long.


Here are some example of the type of problem your child will be able to do quickly by the end of this course, without any figuring on paper.


The distance from Paoli to Christiana is 24 miles, and (2/3) of this distance is (4/5) of the distance from Christiana to Lancaster. What is the distance to Lancaster?


Mr. Brown sold his motorcycle so that 75% of what he paid for it was equal to 60% of the selling price. Did he gain or lose, and what percent?


Looks hard, doesn’t it? Down right scary for most people. But after doing a few of the lessons in these books, you will see how solving such tough looking problems can indeed be done with ease.


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